The Message to the CHURCH.

One Body In Christ In Love is an Apostolic ministry located in Miami, Florida and led by Apostle Darryl K. Auberry. We are geared towards creating disciples for the Kingdom of God through the message of love. The foundation of this ministry is based on the message: “It’s Time to Love.” For the last revival on the earth will not be a revival of silver or gold, but a revival of the love of God in the hearts of men. Through the message of God’s love, barriers such as skin color, nationality, economic status and denomination will be torn down and God’s people will carry His love to the nations by having it in their hearts. Thus, the last revival on the earth will be a revival of love because Christ is coming back for a people who walk in His love, a people who are one body in Christ in love.

Romans 12:5 “so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.”


The vision of One Body In Christ In Love is: TO BECOME THE KINGDOM OF GOD.
This essentially means to develop (be made into) disciples who go out and live a life that represents the glory of God. to top


The mission of One Body In Christ In Love is: TO BUILD THE KINGDOM OF GOD.
This means to put the vision into effect. It’s more than about coming to a church, it’s about a life lived by the Holy Spirit. The pulpit and church is not just in a building, but the pulpit can be wherever the individual is – whether it be at college, at the store, wherever. to top


One Body in Christ in Love Ministries is an apostolic ministry which was birthed in 2000 under the leadership of Apostle Darryl K. Auberry. The name One Body in Christ in Love, taken out of Romans 12:5, was given to Apostle Auberry by the Lord around 1998. He was told by the Lord that it is not just the name of a church but that it is truly a message to the Church (the Body of Christ) that God is coming back for one body that is in Christ that is in Love. The Lord began to talk to Apostle Auberry around 1998 to go to Oak Grove Park in North Miami, Florida to minister the gospel. Though hesitant at first and not sure of what the Lord was doing, he obeyed the Lord and went to the public park and began preaching the gospel. As he obeyed God more and more people were added to him and services began to be held there. Within the span of about two years, the Lord had Apostle Auberry leave the park and return to visit another ministry. While he was at that ministry, God imparted many things into him and had him begin to teach a discipleship class. During the time that he was teaching the discipleship class God gave him a revelation about relationships. God reveled to him that boyfriend/ girlfriend relationships are not of God yet people have allowed the enemy to bring it into the church as if it were pleasing to God. And God also revealed to him how important all relationships are to God. As a result of preaching this revelation on relationships, the ministry where he was teaching at eventually rejected the message and rejected him and the Lord sent him back to Oak Grove Park.

In the year 2000 One Body in Christ in Love officially became a ministry as the Lord sat Apostle Auberry there permanently to establish the church. While there the Lord added other ministers of the gospel to him, including Prophet J. Hunt. Apostle Auberry was given the logo of the ministry and the t-shirt of the ministry by the Lord as a visual representation of the message that the Lord wanted to relay to His people. When he was first being sent by the Lord to the park, the Lord told Apostle Auberry: “I am sending you to the young kings. I want you to begin to disciple My young people.” Thus the congregation that God has established at OBICIL is mostly young adults who are being discipled in the message of “one body in Christ in Love” and understanding that the message truly means that Christ is coming back for one body. Ever since the Lord called Apostle Auberry to the park, the ministry has grown and flourished. Due to the fact that the services were held outside, many people had the opportunity to hear the gospel. While at the park the ministry began to grow to the point where it had to be moved to a location at the park where there was enough space for all those in attendance. In the span of the time that the ministry was at the park, there were over four park managers which the Lord gave the ministry great favor with; to be able to hold church services and preach the gospel in a public park in itself was great favor.

In January of 2010 OBICIL grew to be so large that services could no longer be held at the park. God then opened the door for the services to be held in an empty house. Within a few short months, the ministry grew even more to the point where the house was overflowing with people. On April 4, 2010 the Lord opened the door for the ministry to move to a building and the ministry has been there since then. Through the growth and transitions of the ministry, it is evident that it was established by the Lord. The main focus of the ministry is love; hearts so that we can reproduce that same love in the earth. Another focus of the ministry is relationships: that God is not pleased with boyfriend/ girlfriend relationships but rather He wants marriages that represent and reproduce His Kingdom. Thus the ministry teaches on how to have relationships in a godly, biblical manner and how to have proper relationships (with parents, friends, siblings, etc.) over all. OBICIL is a discipleship class; meaning it is a ministry where people come to be discipled in the word of God. It is a ministry where the process is heavily emphasized. The process is about sitting at the feet of Jesus to learn His word, partake of His word and the sufferings of Christ, allowing it to transform you into His character, and in God’s timing being sent out as an ambassador of Christ Jesus to win lost souls into the Kingdom of God in whatever ministry and capacities that God has called you to. understanding that God desires His children to allow Him to birth His love in our heart. to top


Leadership within the Kingdom of God, which is much different than leadership in other settings, is a significant and high calling because souls are at stake. A leader – one who guides and directs a group -– may lead others into things such as how to have a better business, better finances, or how to do better in education. Though all these things are good and beneficial in their own right, none of these things have to do with the eternal state of an individual’s soul. None of these types of leadership can compare to leading others concerning their spiritual growth and spiritual state, which is what Christian leadership is truly all about. True Christian leadership is one where the very lifestyle that a leader lives is a determining factor of how others see Christ Jesus. It is a calling where the heart of the leader must line up with the heart of God. And because God cares so much for His sheep and does not desire to see them led astray, it is a calling in which all of heaven is watching.

Leaders must live a lifestyle that imitates the example that Christ laid out in scripture. This is made evident in the statement which the Apostle Paul declared in 1 Corinthians 11:1 saying: “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” The example that Christ left us in scripture was one of holiness, humility, total obedience to the Word of God, and submission to God, among many other godly attributes. It was one of self-denial for the betterment of others and it was one of constant communication with the Father. These are examples of the lifestyle a godly leader is required to carry out. In so doing, they bring glory to God through their leadership and the Kingdom of God is strengthened because those who they lead will go on to lead others in the same manner. It is a domino effect; they have the chance to impact many by being an uncompromising and unwavering example of Christ to many.

Places in scripture such as Ezekiel 34, Jeremiah 23, and 1 Peter 5:1-4 depict how important leadership is in the eyes of God and the impact that improper leadership can have on God’s sheep. Proper leadership can lead to the downfall or the building up of a whole congregation. It is a task where the truth of the word of God must be spoken whether the people agree with it or not. For just as God instructed the Prophet Ezekiel, each leader must “set their face like adamant stone, harder than flint” (Ezekiel 3: 3) because some will come opposing their message, but they must not waver in what God has told them to do and say. That is why one must be called into leadership because just as God gave the leaders of old the ability to lead His people, so will He do for the leaders that are called by Him today. More so, a leader called by God cannot be like the irresponsible shepherds spoken of in Ezekiel 34:1-10 who used the goods of the sheep for their own self gain and did not feed them the true word of God. When a leader leads by this harsh example, the blood of the sheep will be required at their hands. Leaders must give account of everything done to and with the sheep, both good and bad.

With that being said, the most important way that any leader of God can ensure that they fulfill their God given role and please God is to constantly be led by the Holy Spirit. One can never be led astray in doing this because The Spirit “guides us into all truth” (John 16:13). It will keep us in line and in tune with the heart of God concerning what He desires to do within the ministry. And it will always cause the sheep to be led into good pasture. A leader with the heart of God always keeps in mind that the ministry that they are leading is not their own but it belongs to God; therefore they have no problem seeking God first concerning every matter. This is the type of leadership that cannot fail because God never fails. to top